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Our certified CrossFit coaches are there each day to deliver carefully programmed workouts that will take you to an entirely new level of fitness. And as a member of the I Am Crossfit Upper Keys community, you will achieve breakthroughs both on our gym floor and in your daily life, that you never thought possible.

Our Facility

Our Gym is located in Tavernier Florida. Each day at I Am Crossfit Upper Keys is a new adventure. A new challenge. A new chance to get to know your community, and to get to know yourself. Our classes typically run about an hour and include a warm-up WOD, a Strength Training, and a Daily WOD.

Our Amazing COACHES

Anna Floyd

Anna is the proud owner of I Am Crossfit Upper Keys and enjoys coaching early morning classes.

Hal Quanbeck

Hal is a former crossfit gym owner and has been coaching crossfit for six years.

Annie Dougherty

Annie is a local first grade school teacher and has been coaching crossfit for one year.

Jaret Matts

Jaret is a retired Coast Guardsman and has been coaching crossfit for four years.

Michael Borgass

Michael is a CrossFit enthusiast and a happy dad who enjoys fishing.

Stephanie King

Stephanie has been a Crossfit certified coach for 1 year and is a happy mom to 3.

Joe Hornbeck

Joe has been a crossfit certified coach for 1 year.

Daniel Phoebus

Daniel is a retired USCG and has been coaching for over 4 years.

Val Blasewitz

Val loves spending summers in the Keys and coaches while here.

Karly Venezia

Karly is a CrossFit enthusiast and a happy mom!

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"Great people in an amazing community, very helpful coaches, low maintenance place with great workouts! 💪🏻"


"This place is fantastic. All of the trainers are amazing and they really make you feel like family here! Highly recommended as a place to get fit!"


"Amazing !! Visiting from Nassau Bahamas with my daughter and we felt so welcomed . The WOD's were fabulous and the people were so fun!! Thank you to coach Brittany for a great workout"


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171 Hood Avenue, Unit 11

+1 (305) 330-1732

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